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The newdam boat

Visit the replica of the Newdam Boat from Nydam Bog

In Nydam Bog the archaeologist Conrad Engelhardt in the period 1859-63 excavated two Iron Age boats and parts of a third. The boats from Nydam are still, 130 years after their discovery, one of the chief sources for understanding the Nordic shipbuilding tradition. The "Nydam Boat" (23 metres long) is one of the most significant Iron Age discoveries in Denmark – since it is the oldest and best preserved rowing boat in Northern Europe. The boat is exhibited at Gottorp  Castle in Slesvig.  It weighed more than three tons and had 30 oarsmen.

In 2013, the Newdam Boat Guild, which is part of the Nydam Society, completed a full-scale replica of the Newdam Boat. This boat is on display in Sottrup Forest, 2½ km north of Sandbjerg Manor

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