Prices for conference, catering, accommodation and more

At Sandbjerg Estate you can hold your conference in peace and quiet and in beautiful surroundings Here are a few examples of what a stay at Sandbjerg
Estate can look like (2022 prices).
On request, an all-inclusive offer with transport can also be given.

Accommodation with full board

24-hour stay including full board in a single room DKK 1,525
 24-hour stay including full board in a double room DKK 1,415

Full board includes per participant for 24 hours:
Accommodation, breakfast, morning coffee and tea, lunch buffet and fruit, afternoon coffee and tea with homemade cake, evening buffet and also coffee and tea. There are also conference facilities with access to classrooms with AV and IT equipment, as well as use of the Internet are included in the price.


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Accommodation excl. board

Accommodation excl. board in a single room DKK 895 
 Accommodation excl. board in a double room DKK 785
Of this, conference facilities to a value of DKK 128


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Daytime meetings, room hire

The Stable, The Distillery DKK 6,095
 The Meadow House, The Tenant Farmer’s House, The Stable,
1st floor DKK 2,700
The Manor House or group room in the Tenant Farmer’s House DKK 1,330


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Prices for catering

Individual meals

Breakfast buffet DKK 90
Lunch buffet including fruit, coffee and tea DKK 210
2-course evening buffet chosen by the kitchen including coffee and tea DKK 210
Supplement for a gala dinner DKK 220
Coffee and tea DKK 40
Coffee and tea with homemade cake DKK 80
Coffee and tea with homemade roll DKK 80


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Canapé with cold cuts DKK 38
Sandwich DKK 54
South Jutlandic sausage board with local specialties from Alspølser,
pork dripping and bread DKK 125
Cheeseboard with specialties from Unika cheeses, olives, crispbread
and compote DKK 125


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Fruit DKK 20
Crisps DKK 30
Three kinds of salty snacks (crisps, salt sticks and salted nuts) DKK 48
Tapas snacks (beer sausages from Alspølser, olives, homemade salted almonds, pieces of hard cheese) DKK 70


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Beer DKK 38
Water DKK 30
House wine 1/1 bot. DKK 315
Red or white wine 25 cl. DKK 100


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Snacks and drinks

Crisps and 2 beers DKK 85
3 kinds of salty snacks and 2 beers DKK 99
Crisps and house wine for 5 people DKK 99
3 kinds of salty snacks and house wine for 4 people DKK 115
Tapas snacks and house wine for 4 people DKK 135


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Fizz, spirits and liqueurs

Welcome Cava Juvey Champs per glass DKK 70, bottle DKK 425
Welcome champagne Lancelot Royer per glass DKK 85, bottle DKK 525
Malvasia Don Bosco per glass DKK 60, bottle DKK 350
Cognac XO Daniel Bouju per glass 3 cl. DKK 65, bottle DKK 950
Whiskey Piksville straight rye cask strength 55% 3 cl. DKK 85, bottle DKK 1,099
Rum Ron Esclavo XO cask 65% cask strength 3 cl. DKK 65, bottle DKK 750
Snaps 3 cl. DKK 30, bottle DKK 395
Baileys 3 cl. DKK 40, bottle DKK 425
Gin cocktail DKK 65, bottle DKK 450


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Cancellation fee

Cancellation fee per participant, 24-hour stay DKK 440
Cancellation fee per participant, daytime stay DKK 220


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Prices are valid from 1 January 2022, and all prices include VAT
Please notice: Some prices are adjusted as of 15 June 2022


Sandbjerg Estate has a number of conference, course and meeting rooms
for many different purposes. See our room overview for more details.

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