A cookie is a small information file that is stored on the user’s computer during the visit. Cookies cannot identify the user as a person, only the browser used for the visit to the website.

Cookies do not contain viruses nor can they affect data or information on the user’s computer. Cookies can be stored on the computer and activated, e.g. by the user visiting the website again.

If you, as a user want, to avoid cookies being stored on your computer, then you can change this setting in your browser’s settings. Information on how to do this can be found in the browser’s help section. You can also find a small guide on the Danish Consumer Council’s website. However, you must be aware that if you prevent the storage of cookies, there is a risk that navigation or functionality on the website will not work optimally.

How to remove cookies from your browser
If you do not want cookies transferred from our website and stored on your computer, you must deactivate cookies in your browser. For further information, please see the Danish Consumer Council’s website. You can remove existing cookies from your browser by deleting them. Read more here.