Have a party at Sandbjerg Estate

Sandbjerg Estate is a meeting and conference center. However, we will be hosting private events from time to time. Common to them is that we have to reconcile expectations, and that we would like to see a certain number of guests staying overnight. We do not rent our rooms as banquet rooms without refreshments and accommodation, but we are happy to provide the framework for your party if it can be accommodated in relation to our conference actitivities in general.

Answers to typical questions:

  • We can offer set-ups with long tables, possibly in U-layout.
  • We offer smaller flower decorations on the tables, but you are welcome to supply flowers yourself, even if you are responsible for disposing of the flowers the next day.
  • A wedding ceremony in the garden and the park is permitted, but you must, however, be responsible for installing and dismantling chairs, runs, etc.
  • We expect that 80% of the event's guests stay overnight.
  • The wedding cake must be brought to your own.
  • We do not have a bar, but different types of alcohol can be purchased.

Contact Director Henrik Dalgaard for further information and dialogue.​