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A little inspiration for activities in the area

A good run from Sandbjerg

Nydamstien is a delightful 7 km path, which passes Nydam Bog, and includes about 2.5 km beside Als Sound. The tour is not suitable for prams or wheelchairs. The tour offers a wealth of historical sites and natural beauty. The route starts at the side of the manor in the south-eastern part of the park at the lake. The route follows Als Sound northward with a beautiful view of the island of Als.

The Newdam Boat

In Nydam Bog the archaeologist Conrad Engelhardt in the period 1859-63 excavated two Iron Age boats and parts of a third. The boats from Nydam are still, 130 years after their discovery, one of the chief sources for understanding the Nordic shipbuilding tradition. The "Nydam Boat" (23 metres long) is thus one of the most significant Iron Age discoveries in Denmark.


Lars Dall, our caretaker, offers guided tours in Sottrup Forest of varying duration. There is both a walk of 7.5 km (the Nydam walk) and a slightly shorter route (the Forest walk).

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Candlemas is an old custom to celebrate that longer days were again on their way. In Christian terms, it was also a celebration that it was 40 days after Jesus' birth, when the Virgin Mary could go to the temple with her child and be blessed and purified. Today it is no longer a public holiday, but is still seen as a day that symbolizes a turning point in the course of the year.

Nowadays, some Danish churches use the day to hold a special Service of Light or to baptize young persons who are preparing for confirmation. In some places, special festivities are held on this day to eat together and light large numbers of candles.



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