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7 km – the newdam route

Nydamstien is a delightful 7-km path, which passes Nydam Bog, and includes about 2.5 km alongside Als Sound. The tour is not suitable for prams or wheelchairs. The tour offers a wealth of historical sites and natural beauty. The route starts at the side of the manor in the south-eastern part of the park at the lake.

The route follows Als Sound northward with a beautiful view of the island of Als.

nydamsstien 1

The route has some small detours into the wood, but runs mainly alongside Als Sound. After about 1.4 km there is a bench and a table where the view over Als Sound can be enjoyed.

A little further on (at ca. 1.6 km) are the remains of a cannon emplacement, where the Germans took up position and prepared the invasion of Als.

nydamsstien 2

At about 2 km are the next bench and table. From here there is a small path down to Als Sound, from which it is possible to walk out from the beach and bathe in the sound.

nydamsstien 3

Further on is the “karperdammen” (the Carp Pond) as it is commonly known. After another 100 metres is the “Den Hule Bøg” (the Hollow Beech).

nydamsstien 4

At 2½ km, the Nydam Route continues down some steps. At this point one can turn back and thus have a 5-km route. Note the amusing wood-carved man on the left. The wood sculpture represents a Prussian soldier who fell asleep and thus did not participate in the invasion of Als. Donated by A.P. Hansen, owner of a neighbouring estate to Sandbjerg.

On the right lies Nausten where the replica of the Nydam Boat is housed in the winter, and which in the Summer is moored on the jetty out to Als Sound.

nydamsstien 5

The Nydam Route now continues on an asphalted road for about 1 km.

At 3.7 km, either turn left to return directly to Sandbjerg, or you can choose to continue on the Nydam Route. At 4.2 km, the Nydam Route continues along a nature trail. Follow the signs.

nydamsstien 6

At 4.4 km there is a 300-metre long hedge which covers the remnants of Duke Hans’ canal from the 16th century.

Behind this hedge lies Duke Hans’ canal.

At 4.8 km, the Nydam Bog, where the Nydam boat was discovered and excavated in 1863, will be on your right hand. A little further on lies Nydam House. This belongs to the Nydam Society where cultural arrangements are held.

nydamsstien 7

At ca. 5.3 km, turn tight off the asphalt road and after about 30 km turn left (see the signs) and continue further along the nature trail alongside the watercourse.

nydamsstien 8

At 5.76 km lies Troldhøjen (the Troll Mound).

At 6.2 km, turn right onto Sandbjergvej. Continue along Sandbjergvej past Skovfogedhuse (Forest warden’s house), which is owned by the Aarhus University Holiday Foundation, and continue in the direction of the Manor.

At 6.5 km turn right into “Lilleskoven” (Small Forest) owned by Sandbjerg Manor and follow the trail. At 6.8 km you will come onto Sandbjergvej again. At 7 km, you are back at the Manor.



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