19 April 2021 - kl. 11:15


At Sandbjerg Estate we are doing everything we can to follow the authorities' requirements and guidelines on COVID-19 – so, in addition to the toothbrush – remember to keep the oral binders and a negative Coronatest. 
We will do everything we can to ensure that your stay feels safe and pleasant, and have therefore done the following in relation to the authorities' requirements and guidelines: 

The assembly ceiling will be phased out and will take place according to the following plan: 

21 April The cap is raised to 10 people indoors and 50 outdoors 
6 May the ceiling is increased to 25 indoor and 75 outdoor 
21 May It is raised to 50 indoor and 100 outdoor 
11 June it is increased to 100 indoors – and from this date the outdoor assembly ceiling will be abolished. 
1 August abolition of the total of the assembly ceiling 
Indoor servicing opens with area requirements of 2 square metres for seated serving. 4 square metres, if the guests are essentially sitting down. In addition, a mouth binder or visor must be worn in restaurant areas. 

Sandbjerg Estate
If your event/conference fulfills the requirement that the participants are seated in the most important way, it is permissible to assemble in our lecture theatres and meeting rooms and meeting rooms. Sandbjerg Estate ensures that you are assigned a room that meets the requirements for both square metres and distance in close collaboration with you as an organiser. This applies both in the restaurant Magasinet and in the meeting room. 

Documentation of negative Coronatest must be shown on arrival at the reception before handing over the room key. At day meetings the corona test is checked at the entrance to the meeting room.

The following documentation is accepted:

A max. 72 hours old test (PCR or quick test. Please take a screenshot, as it may take a long time to download your answer when you are with us).
Or you have been vaccinated (exhibit Coronapas).
Or if you have had Corona and can show a positive result of a Corona test that is at least 14 days and no more than 180 days old, calculated from when the test was conducted.

The requirement for closing time at restaurants and cafés is at 23.00. However, the last order may not be made later than at 22.00. 

Sandbjerg Estate
After 22.00, it is no longer possible to buy refreshments/drinks in Magasinet. It is, of course, possible to use Sandbjerg's many cozy living rooms in the mansion and elsewhere on the estate after 22.00. 

Sandbjerg Estate
The organiser is asked to communicate to their participants that a Coronatest should be made prior to the event, and that, in accordance with the above, the oral binder/visor must be used on the Sandbjerg Estate when you are in our restaurantMagsinet. We encourage the participants to take their own oral/visor with them. 

This means that both participants and staff must use a binder or visor when:

Going in or out of Magasinet and when you go to the buffet. The oral binder may only be taken off when sitting down and eating. Magasinet also complies with the requirements for square metres and distance of course.
When you are moving around the estate, the use of oral binders is voluntary.

It will be possible to buy an oral binder at reception at our cost (DKK 3.00). The amount will be invoiced to the organiser. Hand gel and gloves are available free of charge.

The assembly ban also comes into force in Magasinet. Here can be 50 participants at a time. If you as an organiser have a team of more than 50 participants, you may be able to gather yourself in the meeting room, but not in Magasinet. We solve this by either eating in groups or using several rooms. This will, of course, take place in close collaboration with you as an organiser. 

Sandbjerg Estate, other initiatives
Sandbjerg Estate also has distance decals for floors and touchfree hand cleaners at all meeting rooms and meeting rooms as well as on the tables in the rooms. 

For all meals, we endeavour to, as far as possible, place the food, and there are both gloves and hand gel available at the buffet. 

We disinfect the tables when they are cleaned after each meal. All our rooms are measured, and signs indicate how many people are allowed to stay in the room. 

We have had good experiences with our Head chef Anders Blaudzun before the start of an event in brief, and we will talk about our Covid-19 initiatives. He would also like to do that at your event. 

Sandbjerg Estate makes the frameworks available, so we are sure we can comply with the authorities' demands, so that your stay will be a good and positive experience for everyone.